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John Daniel - Misfit

[Verse 1]
Surface level antics, iceberg effect
If you heard me wrong, then you heard it best
No guns on me, but I promise I’m a threat
Letting down I never let, I ain’t verified but CHECK
One two, one two, this is knowing ghosts around you
Against the ropes but I’m plotting on round 2
I amount to, feeling sound proof
Currently, the focus ain’t currency
But with the way I swerve my needs
I can see me being ‘bout earning G’s, urgently
Have you heard of me?
I’m all purpose – purposely
Purple leaves and a-l-c
Have led me to diverge my pleas

[Verse 2]
My shelf life never disheveled
Pushing the pedal ‘til I’m pushing up blades and pedals
I bet you, never settle – why? Cuz I’m a gamble
And I ain’t talking 1.75’s when I say I lost a handle
But I got a grip of storms I gotta stand through
Wasn’t born a leader, I had to earn to lead
Like a flaming university, I burn degrees
Remain universally a word disease
But internally, I’m waiting on my turn to breathe
[Verse 3]
Just some motherfucking kids? Nah, I’m above that
Fuck rap, this should be stuffed in your hubcap
Not the last of a dying breed
But I’m past the supply, it’s need
No poverty, but I’m placin’ placement properly
‘Til my thoughts are property
And stock emcees bite with monotony
Don’t talk to me, unless you got stock in copies, b
Originality is lost indeed but know nots
Know no knock offerings
I’m coughing, please, I’m dehydrated
I know right? Even I believe in my hatred
I lie, vacant
Statements from the common vagrant
Prayin’ to have a stake in your playlist
My cadence is circadian –
Rhythms are made for you to lay within
Grade A trade operatin’ in my basement
Face it, I give face value a face lift

[Verse 4]
I’m ‘bout making it out of my mental penitentiary
Escape route from my doubt, a sentimental pen intentionally
Recalling memories, that only serves as hemorrhaging
Sending me plenty pendulums pending in suspension
I hate it, but God made it
So I guess I made the grade to be degraded
Stop fronting