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John Daniel - Nineteen

Nineteen, already jaded
Medicated mid-day, ask me if i’m faded
Passed out on a zan just to blur my hindsight
Actin like i’m Zant just to drape the city in twilight
I’m like a young Ill Bill, David Koresh cult leader
Watching Kill Bill, feeding hits to Walt's creatures
Before the foreign paper, a dollar 2 quarters for a chaser
Fuck a major, record in morgues, ask who the neighbors
From a state that harbors viked up harlots and Mr. Ventura
Beef is deaded on the outskirts of Las Venturas
I’m blackin out in cold sweats
Give yo bitch that Colgate
All up on my Codec
Heart Metal Gear for your hoe’s sake
Feelin like a pharoah, or a young Pharoahe Monch
Black and milds to my bone marrow at my local haunts
Loaded, gone, spit like a Rottweiler rabid
Yeah i’ll be in these dirty vans when I live lavish
Bad habits, worse intentions
I can’t see myself ever worried about a fucking pension
Almost 20, barely alive
I’ll let Heath know about the accolades when i arrive