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John Daniel - The Pretenders

[Verse 1]
You can find him asking for self, he’ll never settle for wealth
But with the cards he was dealt, he knows numbers could help
Wasn’t born a statistic, but he made digit worthy decisions
The difference, he won’t listen ‘til he’s staring down bridges
Fisticuffs, alcohol makes it tell all
Until his fists in cuffs, he ignores that frail wall
Out of luck, Karkov with his heart raw
Nowadays, fucking UP was his DOWN fall
Sippin sinkin with his thinkin
In the sink reliving all the chain link depictions
Of a childhood of indifference
Didn’t learn a sentence ‘til his father got sentenced
Hence it’s, the same escape from hell it seems
Tryna sell a dream, singing the same damn melody
A phantom identity, romancing all remedies
Pretending to remember, last night’s his worst enemy

[Verse 2]
There she goes, and you know it’s on purpose
Purse perfect, rocks it ‘cuz she feels worthless
You heard this, the story of rehearsed verdicts
Each day, it worsens
Workin’ for self imposed burdens
I suppose he’s hurtin’, wantin’ her quickly
‘Til she – shut ‘em down like Fredro and Sticky
But when he sees her, her head hangs low
Feelin’ her stage 4 chop her down like a pave low
In smoke, when she faces the mirror
Could easily make the cover, so the others fear her
Gorgeous, but that’s not self accordin’
More important, her self image was distorted
She can’t afford it, so she rocks Loubitons
‘Cuz the heels she’s standin’ on, can do her no wrong
Whatever she’s running from, it’s bound to catch up
No make up, ‘til he’s seen with his head up
[Verse 3]
His younger years were full of fear, or so it seems
A young dream, not sure what “I love you” means
His father said it whenever he scored a TD
Carried by the team, but he just wants to breath ease
Surrounded by dream killers
At 17 years old, the taste of blood was too familiar
His dad would beat his ass, his cleats stained with grass
He contains brash feelings, displayed with stained glass
Design, driving home in the winter time
Swerving out of control, welcome to a winner’s mind
His girl left him for the flies, and it’s no surprise
When tears filled his eyes, he didn’t seek dad to confide
“Why don’t you put trust in me?” his dad said
“How did you get custody”, in his head
Full of feelings unexpressed, hit the ceiling in life
Unleashing them on his wife, 10 years from the night