John Rocco Battista - The Road Less Traveled

The road less traveled is overgrown with weeds
The King of Clubs is lying, in the field full of seeds
when the farmer turns the dirt he'll see he's not alone
the bones of the broken man, were covered up in stone

all the kings horses, ... just go 'round and 'round
Humpty's not on the fence, he's rolling on the ground
the Queen of Hearts goes rollin' on by in a car
leaning out the window, staring at the stars...

Lady in Red, how do you see me
fangs deep in my flesh, your eyes just deceive me
This Jokers Wild, that's how you see me...
just like the rest, you only want to bleed me...

Four O'clock in the morning,
Tiny Tim he says to me
Jolly Roger's coming home,
but you know,he aint been out to Sea


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