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Jon Hope - 99 Cent

[produced by Xaviles]

[Verse 1]
Project doors open like (voilà!)
Out comes the fiends and diseases (shatters)
Titties in her bra looking for the top (dollar)
Fellatio the ratio, two to one (swallow)
Young money niggas trying to be the big (papa)
The Bs and the Cs, and Vice Lord Ds and
Uncle upstate wit' about two nieces
Nephews respect you, fuck you (father)
Mother two jobs, she ain't never had (proper)
Sleep in the night, working 24 (hours, hours)
City so fucked up (How-a)
Teachers gettin' laid off, schools gettin' caved off
Cops gettin' paid off, money mo' (power)
Hard for me to smile, these are daylight (showers)
Niggas Benedict Arnold, so (cowards)
Bitchin' and the snitchin' make 'em fall, (Twin Towers)

[Hook x2]
This is what it is, and this is what it's gon' be
Nigga where I'm from another life only cost me
Ninety nine cent, ninety-ninety nine cent
Ninety nine cent, ninety-ninety nine cent
[Verse 3]
Ain't nobody give a fuck
There they go, hit 'em up
Gas so high, niggas rob just to fill it up
Globe full of mayhem, these are the days when
Violence is senseless, kids gettin' sprayed in
Philly goin' ham, Ingle-Inglewood bacon
Chi-town angus, Prov City dangerous
Eyes on the capital, niggas stay persistent
Don't forget the white collar, ain't nobody different
Schemes of the Ponzi, devil tryna tempt me
Fallin' for that bullshit, retirement is empty
Peter pays Paul right before he robs Patrick
Disregard your snapback, that's the true hat trick
Practice? Practice? People this is Iverson gametime
I ain't trying to lose, you never take mine
Take your life, I gotta save mine

[Hook x2]

Fake wars, inflation
Racism, education
Genocide, homicide
Immigration, sexism
Ignorance, monopolies
Revised laws, why you stoppin' me?
Homophobia, radicals
I'm on one, Jon Hope