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Jon Hope - A Rapper's Conflict

[Verse 1: Jon Hope]
Testify, Testify
Trust my heart and soul, would be best if I
Just put it on the line, in between the margin
Touch the whole world with a little street jargon
Life in perspective, truest and the deepest
Money ain't the issue cause this music is the freest that it's ever been
A fraud I have never been
The rhymes are sick, the same time medicine
So who goes there?
I go there: To the limit beyond limits
I don't care
I want a world where the violence won't speak
But shit they want a war cause Obama want peace
Open your eyes and see what I'm saying
An atheist would believe what I'm saying
Cause these words don't even come with a bar code
I just want my name in your household
But on the other hand the game is in a drought
I'm still chasing, but time is running out
I wonder how, and if, I will survive
They tell me Jon just keep Hope alive
Do what you're doing, let the rest make way
Do I quit my day job if the night won't pay?
Risk my soul, risk my freedom
Consult with God cause I know I'm gonna need 'em
For the mountains I'm gonna climb
Shores I'mma swim
Friends who will hate
The whores who'll pretend to be queens
So it seems cut from a different cloth sewn at the seams
Hear all the whispers
They want to see me killed, dead
I feel it in the air like Phil said
Hear the whispers
They wanna see me killed, dead
Feel it in the air like Phil said
[Outro: Jon Hope]
One foot standing near the edge
I think I'm ready for my chance to fly
But then again do I rush to fall
I'm never sure so I can't decide
Goodbye fear, so long
No risk, no reward
It's a quarter past now
So I'm ready to go
I'm ready to go
I'm ready to go
I'm ready to go