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Jon Hope - Blood Streams

Blood Streams
Written by Jon Hope

From projects to skyscrapers I return from hiatus
A savage in the mind a reflection that crime gave us
My Enterprise is not Avis believe I’m so driven
I’ve been trill on cursive on the wall it was written

I spoke to my brother he told me yo Hope got this
So I was patient with this verse I took time I stole watches
Not here to stand on ceremony Jon Hope was never phony
I remember a time when love was better Monie

In the middle this big talk from rappers I belittle
I’m a bad boy just give me a mic and some skittles
Should I stop or should I vent more menage a trois or sex four
But first I must address this youngin’ I mentored

Stepping out of line this young man must be delirious
Ayyyo! Sweens a thief wouldn’t take you serious
Daddy’s money will get you a post on fuckin’ worldstar
But couldn’t buy respect with a groupon at fuckin’ Wal Mart

I’m here! No response to anything you say
I just want the 401 straight and a 401K
I apologize but this ain’t old versus new
They say no new friends but what if the old don’t improve
I’m torn! My guilty pleasures I share with a child’s innocence
So I’mma do me, do her, do and due diligence
Give me a queen you can keep all the THOTS
Give me the money you can keep all the likes
I don’t care who did it first I do it right
And I respect if you do it first twice

School of hard knocks I been did the education
I’m a muthafuckin’ problem and you ain't got the answers
I put that work in you emcees sabbatical
Turn my lower case dreams into capital