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Jon Hope - Camp Street & Comstock

Verse 1

I’m trying to avoid the cliches and the hoodrats
I’m trying to avoid the goon niggas ‘cause they could blast
And you ain't got the answers but I still ask
‘Cause all I do is question when the news flash

Channel six at seven eight of my niggas gone
Nine times out fo ten eleven year olds hear eulogies performed
This a song to my city mentally absorbed
Diamond in the rough between the Boston and New York

I know it’s hard for you to say it the ghetto’s a mosaic
When radio hear soul its hard for them to play it
But i refuse
So I make sure you taste every drop of my chin that I perfuse

The shortest fuse about to blow and you ain't even know it
Like me like me you ain't never seen a poet
Guns and rose loves and foeses
Make me skip past the hoeses and focus on my monies whats up

On the corner of camp street and comstock
Niggas they chase dreams without socks
Money and cars is what they love about you
Of a million fucks i never gave one
Rolling through dark nights with day ones
Who the fuck wanna die for their culture
Stalk the dead body like a vulture
Batallions hmmmmm

Verse 2

They whip it hard oohh they whip it harder
Dollar signs is the motivation for farther
Buy for one sell for two
I know you got the props Joe but we gon’ want it too

Let me in Let me in
These out of towners lookin’ at me strange
I’m the one that’s standing out
This normal shit is weird

Tears from a broken mother oh how I love her
May my words forever heal rest in peace Young Shad
Carry on tradition not asking for permisssion
They love my metaphors so they marry every sentence

I’m not ashamed of my home although
A lot of suckas in my home they must go
Take the sweet with the bitter
I’m shaking hands with fiends, queens, kings, killers, dealers
One more time take the sweet with the bitter
I’m shaking hands with fiends, queens, kings, killers, dealers they all reside in

Repeat Chorus


Daddy ain't around and my mommy ain't at home but I got my Uncle RIPTA
The devil is alive and he showing me the wrongs but I got my Uncle RIPTA
These hard times make it hard to remain the same but I got my Uncle RIPTA
Vagina on my mind I dont wanna be alone but I got my Uncle RIPTA