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Jon Hope - ChamPAIN


Thou shalt be trill nigga
Motherfucka and real sisters
Same ones I came with
We got a 1000 words and take real pictures
Got styrofoam of my mama’s tears
Pour it up that’s ChamPAIN
Real niggas & real bitches they all apart of my campaign

Verse 1

Just opened up my big mouth this my version of small talk
Got a size 12 of these Stan Smiths that took big steps of this small walk
Heavy hearts I’m talkin’ day ones on day two they’re shot
6 guys using 12 hands wooden coffins and we dropped

This is my PTSD ‘cause not even me respects me
Still gotta go to school tomorrow fuck algebra life be testing me
Still trying to pass through ninth grade and life grade
Ain’t no one to talk to everyone telling me F.I.S.H

Fuck It Shit Happens and showing emotions is bish
Under my burdens I bury they’re squished
My poker face never will show it exists
Take that nigga take that by any means I’mma ride for the payback
I’m a race rat trying to chase cash give a fuck about the age gap
Whether night or the day trap fuck tomorrow 5 seconds is my ASAP

Second Verse

Silhouettes give me a tease
While bitches collecting the fees
How can I knock off your hustle
‘Cause nothing may come from degrees

The world is a savage beauty will hide in sinister smile
Enjoy what you gather cause will walk in the middle of aisles
Playing them both sides morals are compromised
Everyday hood shit feel comfort in homicides
Why mama gotta work so hard when she never get a chance to eat her fruits of her labor?
These days I be looking for the words in the church but it hurts when the bible can’t save us
From a stray from beautiful pussy with AIDS
The silence of cancer in food I just ate

The ambulance comes with an hour delay

Pimpin’ robbin’ boostin’ nuisance
30’s AK’s Sirens music