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Jon Hope - European Things

Allow me to introduce
Who’s that black ass nigga that’ll never lose
And I’m on another level please dont get confused
Got drive roadkill think I killed me a got damn moose

I am Hope muthafucka dope muthafucka
I’m dead serious cope muthafucka
Do it for my brothers and my sisters in the struggle
Jon Hope got bars no soap muthafucka

So fresh so clean know what im talking ‘bout
My squad equipped with the spartans
I finished what you have started

My art is a gun gift is a pistol
Mother was a psychic she had no crystal (ball)
“Nappy little boy you are gonna be great!!

I said woman you ain't never lie woman you ain't never lie
‘Cause the way grew up you ain't never cry
And the bullets just missed your first born born
In the city where you could’ve lost your first born

A lot of day one niggas that are first gone
Bubba Tutt, Billy Jones, Paulo, BJ, Marquis Oh Lord I dont wanna name ‘em all
Dear Christ I’m sinner had to do what I did to be a winner
If not I would not be a winner
Heart cold yeah needs a chin chiller
So frozen so tundra
But it got me to where I need to want to Oh!