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Jon Hope - Hope AF

They say my revenge got a loud choir
Sweet serenade I burn with a proud fire
Such a short distance between reality and perception
I come bearing gifts for your heart's Christmas

Here I stand within a trend I know it sounds awkward
Reprimanded I shove and push the culture forward
I'm not a bully though
Swim in my stream of consciousness made in the studio

No towels contaminated verbs vowels
I'm on some other shit please let me move bowels
Fully dressed let me go out on a limb
The Future look dim they all sound like him

Don't know what tomorrow brings or yesterday had
To hell with Beyonce where's Destiny's dad
Tell 'em Hope's looking for him that's word to my poem
I just wanna meet him hug him and get to know him

Cause if real took a selfie then you would see me
Sophisticated ratchet Boosie with a degree
I'm dope as fuck I'm Hope as fuck
I climbed success ladder and the rope is luck

Watch me swing to the other side
Debonair with flare pull bitches with my mother's eyes
Summer cried tears when I spit with that winter cold flow
A thirst trap for substance
March for poetic justice
Rap lives matter