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[Verse 1: Junglepussy]
You can't fake real
I'm eating great eel
Teriyaki couldn't stop me with a blade, feel
Fuck with me get a buck 50 like the face of Seal
(I'll fuck ya face)
No microwave meals
You can't mistake these oxtails for the chicken spot
You bitches not fucking with me like a little cock
Junglepussy won't catch me in no litter box
Get the big picture bitch you in a little box
I made him lick the box
He said it hit the spot
You see me on the block
You see the Tommy top
Bubble jacket, mother spazzing even when its hot
How dope is this? Teach you how to grow and live
What you want? Lo and timbs
Got your man groping limps
Got my Cam flow from him
No limit, Soulja Slim, down to flirt
Fuck and get your baby ass feelings hurt
Need a nigga that can go down so he feel the dirt

(Nah, nah)
(hell nah! Its not even like that)
Spicy ass Jamaican bitch, you can get your chicken jerked
Sucking on the wrong dick, that can get your sister murked
You don't know what I got all up in my fucking purse
Gripping on my fucking water bottle all these niggas thirst

[Verse 2: Junglepussy]
I roll with big shots, made men with lots of plugs
They show me lots of love
Serve ya girl lobsters, love
You an imposter, love
You with the
You Kevin Costner with the drama, its not an opera, love
I'm over talking bout these bitches ain't amount to shit
All they worry bout is dick and how they mouth could fit
I seen you eating Mickey D's knew you ain't love yourself
I'm up in Trader Joe's shopping cart full of health
I'ma come clean and text my flow with one thumb
My style is dumb clean, your style is hum drum
You're not exciting, your man never cum
I caught him crying, he said he want some
Some of this nana
I'm like "nah, nah"