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JUNGLEPUSSY - Picky Bitch Checklist

Now if you think got a big dick and can tear a piece of pussy up, lemme hear you
A-HA, just as I thought, not one motherfucking word!

[Verse 1: Junglepussy]
I'm not bougie, I'm selective
Junglepussy never want the dudes you mess with
Looking for me gon' take more than a text message
Niggas popping bottles but that's not impressive
Got a lot of needs and wants, picky bitch checklist, nigga check this
When you fuckin with a bitch like moi all you gotta do is
Shut the fuck up and look sexy. All you gotta do is
Shut the fuck up and just sex me. When I ask for it
Shut the fuck up and throw money
Don't let me ask twice, better get that boil in that rice
I want my meal cooked quick better have that sugar and that spice
Me and my bitches have a sit d-d-down we taking your life
I'm young carmello with the toolie
Told these bull-headed fellas like the movie, the snakes they can't fool me
We wise girls like Mariah, got that hot fire
Wacking niggas like the Wire (Main bitch black italian)
Designer all my attire (Shrimp lobster with the scallion)
The one that you admire, Donatella got you shook to enquire
If you don't want me you a liar
Pussy ass boys cryin', whinin' like a choir
Picky bitch checklist
Rulin' the pussy with an iron fist
Can't be reckless, niggas can't test this [x2]
You will never get a kiss from these lips

[Verse 2: Junglepussy]
Unless you licking my lipstick off the spliff
You won't even get a grip of a tit
Even if I strip, even if you tip
Can't blame me I'm a sexy ass bitch
Terrified of wack niggas I can't risk it
If the dick long, nigga I got to frisk it
That happens to be my first demand listed!
Thinkin' you ain't rubbin' my feet, you got it twisted!
Thinkin' you could run in the street with our money?
Silly ass nigga must be some big ol' dummy
Dilly-dallying ass' niggas can't do nothing for me
No cash having ass can't do nothing for me
I wanna slow dance in the street like Nelly and Kelly
Lay up witchu in the bed, break up the weed on my belly
Be the background and screensaver all up on your celly