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JUNGLEPUSSY - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Yeah, I'm the brown hottie with the body looking like Rum Spice
So nice they don't want it twice, niggas try to wife it
I love my life too much
Never caught up with possessiveness, stresses and such and such

[Verse 1]
Relax, as the aura ease you
In the flesh, let the physical please you
I'm a genie in a bottle of Malibu
Grant you one wish, if you cute you can have two
It's feasible if you pay your fee for me
If you gon' feast your eyes on the prize to be with me
Manifesting your fantasies and requesting colours of panties
Damn, niggas is lusty, baby moms can't stand me
Chill ma' - He ain't come with me to Miami
He gave a trip as a gift while you clocking me on the Grammy's
His bitches be tryna see if they somewhere their man could be
If they not then they plan to be, you think he is gon' marry me
High price bitch wanting high price things
Yelling bling bling, bitch please, fuck a wedding ring
What you know about that?
Not the bitch you wanna go and run your mouth at
Run up on me in the street, yo I doubt that
You don't really want beef, where the cows at? (Heffer!)
[Hook] (x2)
Satisfaction guaranteed, got the recipe written
All the papis like the way that my dresses be fittin'
Roll up that haze, got the sesh in the kitchen
Like Aaliyah, one in a million, irreplaceable vixen

[Verse 2]
Everywhere I go is a show the way I glow
My goddess spirit, you can feel it amongst the hoes
As they stare at me slowly, head to French-tipped toes
Bitches seem to think they wavey but I'm rocking the boat
Started with slow strokes, ended in low blows
Knock the shit out them boots, left a tree limp on your timbo
Stink faced bimbos always drinking soda
I'm on a fruit diet so the pussy got no odour
Signal incense in the crib make sexy niggas come over
Young Calypso with weave, got tricks up my sleeve
Put a spell up on Hakeem, you could ask Rasheed
I had him topless feeding me grapes without the seeds
(I'm ruthless) But never been no easy B
Supreme bitch, got these niggas lining up like fiends
Five star, ain't gotta yelp me for the guarantee
I'm mighty healthy, pretty toned - rip up the warranty!