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[Verse 1]
Are you willing to feel strange for a while?
Escape yo' element
You are now listening to Spicy 103 FM
And the F is for fine motherfucker
To all the brothers out there listening who know how to appreciate
A strong-minded, hard-working sister
Call us up at 877-B-L-A-C-K L-U-V
Tell us something good that you did for your lady
And brothers we appreciate you too
Yo we do we love you
Just keep coming with that stress-free loyal D
Ya feel me?
Caller #1 what have you done for your lady?
Did you Uber helicopter or you copped the Mercedes?

[Verse 2]
It's me JP honestly
I'ma come clean
This nigga don't do nothing for me
But run up on me with the same old sad story
About a shorty in the streets acting horny
Wild and dumb like I'm foul
The typa shit that bug me when you come tryna hug me
Smelling like Popeye's, chicken heads, and fries
Don't look me in my eyes I just see pies and thighs
Things we shoulda did future unborn kids
Made our own porn just to watch with popcorn
Wrote a love song just to show my heart warm
Every picky bitch checklist got torn
All your tees hoodies sweatpants was worn
As my wifey uniform sunshine or thunderstorm
The pussy perform professional
Pretty pampered presentable
Fuckboy credit unacceptable
I predict 2016 you gon' be needing me like nicotine
On your knees where you supposed to be
Since you chose to pose like I ain't 'posed to be
In your arms when you posted where them hoes a be
I'm in the kitchen cooking chickens in my hosiery
Hoping one day you'll probably propose to me
Since you opened up your soul and exposed the G
Fornicating under my grandmama rosary got a hold of me
Gripping my waist slow grinding to Jodeci
I was ready like R Kelly
It was the fourteenth of February champagne and cherries
Chit chatting with Christine killing time
Hol up, I got another caller on the line
[Verse 2: Caller #1's Man]
Waddup I'm her bae the fuckin man of day
Ayo I got something to say
You knew that night was a date that I just couldn't make
I was working late tryna cake to stunt on my birthday
Then I hear you earing out my dirty draws in the worst way
Why you calling from a phone I pay for in the first place?
Talking 'bout Popeyes do you remember our first date?

[Verse 3]
Brazilian steakhouse with the unlimited plates, great
Café up on Ludlow where we kissed and just ate crepes
Nobu up in Malibu soul food up in Flatbush too
Relationships are more than food and lusty interactions dude
Subject of attraction true love is just a battle field
Wiping these whack ass niggas off the back of my windshield
Acting up caught you slipping tripping on banana peels
Now your heart is at the fuckin' bottom of my six inch heels

It goes on and on
It goes on and on and on
Oh, ohh, baby
Ah, baby, oh oh!
It goes on and on
Ah, baby!
On and on, yeah