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K21 - Bootcamp (Ft. Ikas Millis)

[Chorus: Ikas Millis]
We send 'em on their way home, then when it's after dark
We tear your city and your heart apart, who gets the last of laughs?
It ain't safe when we roam, you better understand
You'll never take me out, you need another plan

[Verse 1: Ikas Millis]
Ayo, I took a little break but now I'm back, for goodness sake
Hello welcome to my city where the crackheads still awake
Hitting ninty on the freeway, I ain't 'bout to hit the break
No style, no steez, all you rappers do is hate
Step away, boy, I burn you up, girl, I turn you up
I'm the man at the moment so they're gettin' mad as fuck
One day I'ma pull up in a ghost white Bentley
Feeling on the edge, homie, don't try test me
Boy, you're full of nothing and your whole style's empty
Smooth like an animal, move like Messi
Once I get rich, boy, I'm never going back again
Oh, you're surprised that I'm black and I'm African?
Yeah, you ain't ever seen a blacker man
Don't get happy, I would tell you if you had a chance
Don't act gentle, no that's rental
Yeah, you can rap just don't act special
Making cash through this way's funny
Get addicted once you make money
It's all love, no hate, buddy, no, I don't know Hugo
Best step back, 'cause I don't know you though
[Chorus: Ikas Millis & K21]
We send ‘em on their way home, 'cause when the lights go out
We're running that, double trouble, don't even need to run in packs
It ain't safe when we roam, and they can't fuck with that
Made 'em deaf after they our thunder clap, ain't no coming back

[Bridge: K21 & Ikas Millis]
You ain't bringing it vicious like we do
Call the troops meet at midnight, this mission, we need you
Work under the glow of the moon, we don't stop till it reach noon
This is bootcamp, fix your shirt, fucko, lace up your boots

[Verse 2: K21]
We put them in their place if they move, they wouldn't last a day in our shoes
They've been left for dead, second best when we step, they're facing their muse
And to the wrong god that they pray that I loose to ain't a screw loose
That could do what I do to ‘em till they get the blues clues
But most the time it's who's who? New dudes I refuse to
Lose to, them at what I was born to do, so move
No sit back and relax, I think I ran outta chill
Ain't laying back till we snap on 'em and we're stacking the bill
We run the map for a mill, then we're coming back for your meal
All of your rations we steal, remorse don't have when we kill it
Ain't chasing massive appeal but I leave a planet instilled
With the fear I'm bringing near your city and madness I spill
It's havoc when I ravage you savages, damage at will
A threat, assassin who'll act on smacking the fat out your grill
Blast it like cannons when I rap, a knack to attack with no frills
So stay indoors, 'cause in my city we don't have any guilt