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K21 - Dirty/YASNY

[Verse 1: K21]
Forget these Momo's, I'm Komodo
Boycott your squadron Logo, bombed and promo
Swapped your road-show, always find me on the do-lo
Rolling doja still I'm stoned broke
While my friends all rolling dojos
Drunk driving on a Wednesday
Past out, then on Thursday, woke up in Soho
Why maneuver like a slow-poke
Then I'm coming through the roof with a low-glow
If you're thinking you can bring it to the greenhouse
Never, that's a no-no
Cos I promo, whatever makes your boat float
Let the show go on
Taste of revenge, oh so strong
Being the ghost in the hallway seeking justice
And a rope so long
Slicing your face with a hook like Hoffman
Bury your rhyme book in a coffin
I rhyme hard and I'll never go soft
Spit so lethal, I should be off in a box and frozen
That ain't love, that's oxytocin
Time's slipping and you lost the moment
Cos I rock the boat into the bottom of the ocean
You can never stops Stallone, cos I'm the eye of the tiger
Your Pluto, I'm the lion of the white and
Your Sudo
Bring one liners like Caruso
I survived another night where the ghouls go
Wits to the crew of my group home
I'm making it slam out of you pro
Mr. Musso' is good with a smooth ho
Time after time, I'm letting you know
(I get dirty.)
(Who's the dirtiest)

(Killing every body in sight
Cos I ain't going out like a sucker, no way.)
(You ain't seen nothing yet.)

[Verse 2: K21]
You can find me in a white falcon with the headlights out
Straight Amy Winehouseing
The last thing I remember was my shout
Then five rounds later I'm facing down in my neighbours fountain
Bitch, slap a rapper give me my talcum
Pity in the middle, feel a little like Malcolm
X a rap-off what a better time than right now
To leave him with his spine out
Sledge hammer rhyme sound (Winehouse)
Blinds closed, animal
Mic's know house full of hydro to upset the 5-0
That's that shit I don't like though
'stead I blaze a pipe, bro
Head spinning like Gyro
Sicilian psycho
Only ever seen if the night glow
A shy bloke, likely to annihilate a mic though
And I ain't never going out like a sucker, dude
They call me K21, buddy
Who the fuck are you?