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Kay Dolla $ign - She's My Rider (Ft. Marka)


[Verse 1:Kay Dolla $ign]
Tell me whats that fragrance
Because I smell that Perfume you put on
Don't worry girl, That's Cologne I put on
Both of us can Takeoff in my Ride and we gone
Cause you my Rider , My ride or Die
I'm Loyal to you I cannot lie
Just tell me If you want to be there at 5
Put on some Jodeci , or some H-Town
I could say I could Hold you down
The realest nigga came from my hometown
The prettiest I see is when you in a ball gown
I show out , My name is Roscoe Dash
I keep this old shit , claim it as my stash
I don't need to swerve I don't need to crash
I grind till I die ,I Call that cash
I ain't dried up don't it Ash (uh!)
I don't know why I feel certain type of way
But I want you words from Marvin Gaye
I heard it through the grapevine , Okay


[Verse 2:Kay Dolla $ign]
I can't wait till I call you mine
I show some love to you and the world
Girl you are my world , I like the way you do it
Workin it from back to back , side to side
I would like it if you on my passenger side
Because I gotta sweet ride
When we get home we me body to body
Is your favorite rapper Kay Dolla or Yo Gotti
Or record label mate , my dawg Tay Gotti
I know you saw my brand new red Audi
I don't have time for the lames
They the ones that gets blamed
They wouldn't get far like The Game
I'm too damn tough to be tamed
I'll be hella fucking deranged
Almost close to being Insane
Im a rockstar Kurt Cobain
My niggas did time for cocaine
My Shawty got a big brain
She on fire her lipstick got a bang
I got you and I don't feel ashamed
Can't believe it T-Pain