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Kyze - 2016

2016 and I'm feeling kinda mean
Might kill an MC and say I did it for the scene
Leave him on the grass on a rasta machine
Get back to the yard and then laugh at the means
Don't snitch, I beg a man don't scream
I'm happy to be alive and happier to be free
Had a celebrity crush when I was 16
Beat it last week so I can live one of my dreams
I'm good, how you mean?
Might 'llow going out and give the house a good clean
Get my gyal down from Leeds
The next, next level on the breakfast is me
And we get reckless and mean
The Henney gets hammered, not to mention the weed
This could be all that I need
Now I need mills, I'm getting back to the Ps
Put in that work, don't get put in that dirt
Go check what you heard and you'll see if man's cert
If I smell pussy, I'mma liff up that skirt
That's why when I pull up, man pull off and skrrr
Little actors, you gangsters rehearsed
When you was reading Macbeth, I was making the MAC burst
No jamming, banging the tack first
If man didn't wanna meet, I ran on a man's turf
Unruly from birth
Even in school, I didn't call a man Sir
Gifted but I could be a man's curse
So don't be surprised when the cruelness occurs
No need to call on a nurse
Better call on a hearse if I call on a search
So if I'm out supporting my word
Better call up your chief instead of calling alert
Go tell 'em get prepared for a shelling
'Bout to air out this shit for a minute, it's been smelling
Clip full of lead and the whip already revving
Young G wants to go so I might send a peg in
No stressing, man will go get him
He's gambling with his life, I told him go betting
Get the bread in, we don't do bredding
We just come where you rest and leave you on the bed spreading
You think this life's compelling?
When it rains, it pours, grab your wellies and get well in
Forever, no telling
Never tell a man about the dirt on your denim
Never show a man where your sighting interesses
Only bring fam back to where your headback resses
Never show a man where your lioness den is
Watch for the lies cause the devil's impressive