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Kyze - Coming From (Ft. Mia Reynolds)

[Verse 1: Kyze]
They say I've got a colourful past
And they said I've been troubled from the start
But before they try and judge a man's path
I'mma take em back to the start
When my mum died, it was hard
Caused a lot of cries and divides in my yard
1993, I was 9 and a half
And they put me in a home where they didn't give a ras
Foster parents were dishing out bare licks
And they got away with it, I swear they knew bare tricks
Fam, I ran away, I swear I took bare trips
I didn't tell a soul cause they didn't wanna hear it
20 years later, fuck it, I'mma air it
Secrets 'bout the system, fam I know a fair bit
Too many lies in the air, let me clear it
When Story of an Orphan drops, I'mma share it

[Hook: Mia Reynolds]
They don't know where we're coming from
Coming from, where we're coming from
They don't know where we're coming from
Coming from, where we're coming from

[Verse 2: Kyze]
They don't know where I'm coming from
So they won't know why I get my gully on
I'm a big baby, nothing funny don
You don't wanna be the one I spit my dummy on
Run up on a yout with a skully on
Hungry, said you're the one I'm getting chubby on
Should've had money from mummy gone
But my uncle stole it, real ting, money gone
I wanna back out the ting and blast on it
Take out my whole past on it
But my heart ain't that duck
And at the end of the day, I'm still a part of it
But I've still got memories
So I soon pass through like remember me
Remember that, I can't let it be
This family needs an assembly

[Verse 3: Kyze]
I'm guilty of dwelling on my past
And holding feelings that should've passed
It's no good for man's energy or heart
But oh, how the memories last
Cuh the journey's been eventful
Every single stage in the game's been mental
Right from the days when I played Nintendo
Up to the days when I moved 'caine in Central
Get the packs out, dazed, getting trap house paid
No rap, pounds made, back the MAC out face
Splashed out on grey, poured yack round graves
For the fallen names who got bored and blazed
We all saw them days when we warred and prayed
We was all in the game, we was all in the same
Youts calling my name, had court for a case
You man don't know shit when it comes to the pain