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Kyze - Go On

[Verse 1]
Fresh out the bat cage, back on rage
Showtime, Giggs put me back on stage
Could've gone back to back in the days
When I had bad ways and I slapped man's fade
And I snatched man's grade
And snatched man's gyal just to plait man's braids
Man weren't no one catch wave
Man came in the game and we set rap straight
And the show must go on
This is the flow that man get dough on
And so on and so on
'Nam attitude, look at man like "go on"
You're cool, you might grow on
Me one day, but for now it might go off
Nah, don't make it go off
Got bare new tings and the mandem love show off

Nah, you got the go, go on
Don't think what can go wrong
Who said that? Hold on
We're always the ones that they call po po on

[Verse 2]
So fuck the little loser dudes
I'm cruising past man like "you snooze, you lose"
Fam, I've got tunes to move
I'm old school like the needle on my 1s and 2s
My yout, you can fuck your views
This is rap, not beef fam, run your tune
Spark up if you're a ganja yout
And give blessings to the essence 'fore you bun your zoot
Cause the greats ain't going nowhere
So what you saying, fam? I really don't care
Fam, I ain't even been home a year
And I'm winging past man and I can't see him in my rear, swear
Fam, I've got the fire and the flare and I'm flyer than the air
Cause my era's kind of raised
Should definitely care for my secondary years
I was already there, ready and prepared, weapon on the stairs

[Verse 3]
Go on then, you've got the go-ahead
If it goes wrong, you're laying in your own bed
I'm down for getting low again
I'll just ride on my like "here we go again"
Who are they? I don't know them
Little grasses, I might lawnmower them
Little actors, I might make a show of them
Write about it, make a flow of them
So please don't piss off the soul of a madman
Cause I ain't gonna let shit go when I grab man
I don't wanna take that road although man can
I've been through loads, I'm grown, I don't gangbang
I just come through calm, let em know wah gwan
Fam, I keep it 'Nam from dusk till dawn
I will trust man's charm, if you're tough then gwan
Go sound the alarm