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Kyze - Great Show

Might pop up in the place like yo yo yo yo yo
I came here to turn up so pass that Ciroc and more more more more more
Think I'm leaving alone and you just don't know know know
Everybody, hands in the air, let's make this a great show show show show show

Let's make this a good night, toast to a good life
Before it's over, you know what the hood's like
Spending dough that was made off a booge line
All bills payed, now I'm gonna have a good time
Look fine, look how the [?] shine
Look, I'm looking for a good time
Took time, I'm leaving with your good dime
Hotel room for two, already booked mine

Looking at the back off like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
I'm hoping I get the green light like go go go go go
I think I'm gonna buss inside like bo bo bo bo bo
Everybody, hands in the air, let's make this a great show show show show show

Party hard, there's a party in the 'Nam
Everybody in the ends can hear the party from afar
No need to party with the star
But I'm gonna bring it anyway, them man think they're smart
When certain man get that Henney in their heart
They start moving like their memory ain't that sharp
I back em up like "remember where you are
Fix up your face, man just came to have a laugh"
And ain't nobody gonna spoil my night
Whispering in gyal's ear "let's have an early night"
She's looking at me dirty like
That's Kyze, I'm hoping that she heard me right
She's smiling, bare pearly whites
So there's two of you, tell me what your girly's like
They're both on it, moving certi like
They're gonna punish me, I'm thinking that it serves me right
Now we're all in the cab like "yo bossman, go left"
This one's batty's mad and this one here got big breasts
I'mma go bare rounds till I ain't got nuttin' left
Nextdoor's gonna hear screams and "yes yes yes yes yes"
Blow my whistle, you can play referee
No handcuffs, cause you ain't arresting me
You're not my future, nor are you my destiny
But I'mma sex you like something possessing me
The bed's wet, and that ain't just the sweat from me
Head's a mess, thinking how I swept her off her feet
Before she left out, she weren't even on the beat
But I'm the best out, and I ain't ever on defeat
Look at you tired now, stretched out on the sheets
She said I'm mad cause I had "Monsta Man" on repeat
And she loved the way I kept switching up the speed
I said I'm up for it again but I ain't up for keeps
She said she don't do love, so it's up to me
I said you're sounding like my kind of company
She gets buzzing, like me she loves the weed
I'mma store you on my phone under Bumblebee
But right now, I just gotta go go go
I'm busy next week, got radio and a few shows
I've got a photoshoot, gotta model some girls
Get at me @KyzeOfficial and the SN1 show