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Kyze - Twerk On It

[Verse 1]
Cool as the wind blows, deep as a sin goes
Winning been my syndrome ever since I've been home
I've been grown, I've been loyal, it's been known
Rolling with the same beans I was ringing from the bing phone
Guess it's the tone of her voice, and her skin tone
Why I ain't seen none of my boys and I've been low
I've been home, been studio and been shows
Still no new friends, enemies or bimbos
No time, I'm too busy in the lab
The work ethic's epic, too busy for a slag
Back in those days I had a missy in a cab
Now they give me free clothes for an Instagram tag
Came out of jail and I turned it up a tad
Little kid from the 'Nam ain't turned out half bad
I had a good girl and she turned out to be mad
I told her don't watch nuttin', let's turn it up rags

So when you see me in the club, come and twerk on it
I know we ain't perfect but we can work it
It's me and you for life, I put my word on it
Until she turns off the lights, and I burst on it

[Verse 2]
Got a lightskin ting with green eyes from Essex
She don't call me Kyze, I'm Mr Direct Message
Shout out the mandem, yeah, I slide in repping
She had a sideman but I made her sidestep him
We're living life to the fullest cause every day is a blessing
She said 'llow a running game, I know where the light's heading
Well alright then, dim down that light then
Take off them clothes, cause I really don't like them
I'm just joking, gangsta gyal style there
Don't act vex, I can see that little smile there
If your bed's comfy then a gangsta might lie there
If herr yard's lowkey, I'll keep a low profile there
But I ain't leaving no dough or no light there
Just weed, couple changes of clothes and some Nike Airs
You see that rave where you posed? We're gonna fly there
You see that pic that I liked? It started right here

Back in Kyze mode, they know what I smoke
Cherry on my spliff, looking like an orange light bulb
I get high so, I mean so high
I be waving at the birds when I roll by

So when you see me in the club, come and twerk on it
So when you see me in the club, come and twerk on it