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Lady Leshurr - Look At Me Now

[Verse 1]
I got that automatic tongue
Automatic lyrics
Automatic whip
Automatics in it
Yup yup my ish look like a monster
They know how to act when I arrive, give them an Oscar
Because they love me, I'm on my Justin Bieber
I got the ice on my wrist, encrusted fever
He likes it fast and furious, I call him Vin Diesel
He likes to gas to all of us, I tell him bring diesel

Look at me now
Look at me now
Oh oh
I'm getting famous
Look at me now, oh
Look at me now, your
Fresher than a newborn

[Verse 2]
I'm a woman doing this for anybody that wanted to do it but they couldn't cause they're on some ish
Better cuff your man if you understand hold him tighter than a rubber band cause he's on my tits
Oops I said on my tits, I didn't really mean to say on my tits, but since we talking about my titties, all of you haters say hi to them
I'm done
Ayo les, let me show you how
You roll that dice over there

[Verse 3]
Aye, aye!
Now I'm a get up on this riddim, kill them with a million of flows
Got everybody looking at me thinking that I'm cold
Man I'm deading anybody that is in my friggin' road
And evidently bigger than many that think their cold
I'm on a roll, and if they didn't know now they know
And I'mma blow gonna explode watch when I go
And I'mma float, I'm wavy man I didn't need a boat
Make them dissolve, I'm telling you now do not get involved
'Cos everytime I jump on the riddim I friggin' kill 'em
Man I didn't even mean to a villain I got skill and
I flip on any beat I just sicken the pace will quicken
The riddim of riddims man I've rid em they all know I've risen risen
Everybody gimme some room when I dougie through
Got the moves to make you double take I do not mean the shoot
And I do not wanna demonstrate on what I really do
'Cos I know some of you wanna hate on me I really do
Not give a frig, they know that I'm bigger in a dis
Needn't need a diss
Blank them like I just give them a disc
Are you listening written the lyrics I friggin' spit
Got you whispering, how is she even spitting this quick
Man I ain't even gonna admit
So you better off jumping off up up I rise
Shimmy shimmy shimmy down best duck duck and slide
The sharpest around watch as I pump up the vibe like (pump pump) rush rush ya mind
Guillotine of flows I'll be like Bu-Busta Rhymes
Might bu-bust the mic
Adjust-just your sight
I'm shining I blind I love love the light
And I will just laugh and hold my belly and scream
Kinda like when I was watching ba ba belly and scream
She really beat Lesh na na na na na na no
I ain't even breathed yet...go
Look at me now
Look at me now
Oh oh
I'm getting famous
Look at me now, oh
Look at me now, your
Fresher than a newborn

[Verse 4]
Man F these stupid people
How y'all feeling, my names Leshurr
Nice to meet ya, I am here, I have class just like a teacher
I have ass just like Jennifer
I am past her, I am preacher
Black and yellow, black and yellow. like my track was Wiz Khalifa's
I'm, never gonna stop
Until I drop, I'm gonna rock until I cannot feel the teeth in my mouth
I got what they want
Which isn't a lot
But I'm hot
Travel to the top with my feet off the ground
Got a million listeners listening to everything I gotta say and anything I wanna do because I'm current
I run up on them, I mean the haters of course
Stay great with my thoughts, I do what they doesn't
And a dozen other Leshurr lovers wanna get up on her I know they wanna they're never gonna 'cos I do a runner
Never underestimate the friggin' lyrics that I'm giving cos I'm winning and you might be winning but I'm living winning
And I know you didn't pick up any word that I just said
Wanna lie all the time, take them to bed
Lifeless I just tek them fi dead
They think they're necks, so I'll tek off their head
Gimme the beat, rip it apart
Gobble it up, spit it up
Delivery is friggin' hard
Donald Duck beak is out
And I'm quack quack quacking I'm telling yelling it loud
I'm attack tack tacking the riddim
Bury it now
I'm a back pack rapper, I'm fresh and getting around
And they're jack-jacking my style
Incredible sound inevitable now
Tap tap tapping enemies because I' second to nowt, they're end of the ground, dead, never found
Look at me now
Look at me now
Oh oh
I'm getting famous
Look at me now, oh
Look at me now, your
Fresher than a newborn

Okay, okay
Is that right?
I'm fresher than a newborn...inside