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Lil Zii - Scars (Ft. Marka)

I hope it hides my tears
I hope it washes the pain away, man

[Verse 1]
Its crazy how the game is played, you play till you're tired
And there's just no winning your skills are backfired
And by the time you're half way your strength will expire
And just when you think you're in control and you feeling fired up
Its up up and away, away from your reach
Away from your grasp, your efforts are bleak
But the way it'll last, not a ray of defeat
Is waited to manifest cuz that's just the way you be, huh
Never giving up, always picking up
Doing your best to live it up, Not the slightest intent to quit and run
Letting nothing come and make you wither up
Listing all your fears so one by one you can kill 'em just
Keeping up with the flow, you fall
Stand back up try to run through it all
But suddenly you're halted by the fork in the road
There's a choice but it hurts and you just don't know

If I had to choose to fight or to love
Would it all be so simple , would my love be enough
When the plans you have fail and it all starts to fall
All they see is how you wearing the scars from it all
Can you wear the scars from it all?
[Verse 2]
They say home is where the heart is but my heart ain't home
And I'm dreaded to belong to the place I belong
I have no feelings anymore, my heart has gone numb
My face has gone expressionless and I feel I'm on something
This place is a mess, these people is a mess, I don't know what their heads is filled with
They all want the money, all they want is money, makes you wonder what the fuck they're billed with
And I'm judged for my choices, even when I went to choose rap
Cuz they put 2 and 2 together but let the other 2 rest
They only see that I ain't white and I'm not black
I'm a weird orangish brown, my skin color's complex
But that doesn't mean that I can not rap
Especially when you see that my pen job's crack
I've made my choice I'll keep fighting till I'm dead
At least I'll die satisfied that I was ready to go head on yeah


Its a long way down but I'll go on
Even if my struggles break my bones
I'm all set up and I'll stick to my cause
Just gotta show 'em how I wear my scars

[Verse 3]
I feel it now and my head is clear
And a strange realization that my end is near
Its bittersweet I'm here with my scars in thin air
If I cry and shed a tear, would they think I'm a little weird?
Would they think I'm a little scared? Well honestly I am
But not of what they think of me and definitely not of who I am
I'm scared that what if even after all this fighting and the scars, I fail and my life falters
What if I can't make it? my life tells me "take this"
A sucker punch on my face and I fall in the basement
Its all so amazing how it all can go to waste and
Suddenly everything you valued is a wrong combination
And now you're falling face first with no one to pick you up
And even if you break your legs, you grow one with the dust
Then you know you lost, nothing works, its all down to nothing
I hope you learned your lesson, Zii, this world ain't worth loving

[Hook + bridge]

I like rain
Rain's nice
It makes me realize I ain't the only one that's falling