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Los Plebes del Rancho de Ariel Camacho - Un Mentado (en ingles)

It is well that they still remember the Mentado
That bloated mob that was gone
The one who lost it happy how to turn back time
How can I miss him?

This life only lives once
That's why we have to enjoy it one hundred percent
Every time he had a joke, his throat got wet.
And he did it even in his last moments

When you feel like having to go out to the bull
And with his guitar on his shoulder
Decided to look for his dream

Some Plebes also follow the roll
I was not going to miss the support
And we got on the stereo

They chatted with one Ariel Camacho
It started the mere good ..


That dream was already an adventure.
The boy from Angostura was going upstairs
After taking off the suit he put the huaraches
At the ranch he was nicknamed La Tuyia

It was simple from beginning to end
And that is something that his parents instilled in him
Hello everyone was my friend and I presume
Humility made him great among the great

A sad mother looks at the sky
And that old man in a hat
Puts his hand on the shoulder

The Mentado one February morning
Decided to start first
And now he is not with us

Today we have to play to your memories
That's life and no way

You grabbed her every chance
Suddenly came the fame
And you got into your people

Pa 'vary wherever you want to hear Karma
Of course you miss
And that is very present

That phrase is in the mind of your race
Ariel Camacho Forever