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Lotus Eater Evans - HD (Been Dope) (Ft. HDBeenDope)

From: Brooklyn, New York
Crew: No Name Found

Well the first reason is thanks to @OrelPuppington asked me to give yall a look. And the main reason I did so is because of HD’s potential. I’m not gonna say the Backpacker cliche that “not many rappers _____” but it’d be stupid to say that HD has no talent

He doesn’t have that far to go in terms of rapping skills. When you listen to ETIN or Tomorrow you can tell that dude can rap and he doesn’t have a repetitive subject matter…but… CONS OF HD:

The biggest problem is of course the boom bap at his age. It really kind of fucks up HD’s chances of individuality when all you think of is Joey and Bishop…sometimes I get reminded of Chuuwee. And even with the name HD, it’s hard to distinguish yourself through Google’s search (and yes I know you have to add the “BEEN DOPE”). He’s even addressed a case of unoriginality:

Other than that, it’s just regular young rapper problems like developing flow and lyrics, but regardless…he’s got great rap skills PLEASE….

Give HD a chance. None of the cons that pointed out is a great reason to not get into him. It’s just a case of trying to find yourself as an artist. I’m sure if you guys heard Chance’s or Kendrick’s first few mixtape you thought it was ok for their age…But now look at them… FIND THEIR SHIT HERE