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Lud Foe - Real Big (Freestyle)

[Tay-K on Phone]
I fuck with Lud Foe heavy
Lud Foe is a big inspiration

[Lud Foe Verse 1]

Shoutout Slim that's my mothafuckin ace
Put a goofy in his mothafucking place
When you kiss yo bitch, nigga how it taste?
Like my dick
You crack a 4 and ima crack your fuckin face
I scuffed my Guccis up running from the jakes
But it don't matter bitch long as I got away
The police snatch me up, I didn't have shit to say
Fuck a case bitch I'm tryna cop a Wraith
I aim this bitch and you gon' need another face
And I sip Hennessy bitch I don't need no chase
Cops get me behind me watch me take them on a chase
These choppas knock you out ya shoes like you didn't have em laced
Infrared dump this laser beam right at your face
Bitch I'm YSN and I tat that shit up on my face
That bitch thick as hell and her swimming suit spaghetti lace
I'm in this lambo and I'm running lights, who wanna race?
I hang with killas every mothafuckin day
I grew up eating ramen noodles everyday
200 dollar plates, bitch now I'm eating steak
Nigga I got shootas in the L and shootas in the K
Foe, they want gunplay, go and get that K
It melt you like a caramel sundae
You shouldn't have been in my way
Pull up with my ski mask on
Yo bitch got her knee pads on
We shoot up the freeway then shootup the repass zone
I don't do subliminals, bitch I hang with criminals
I let my choppa beat beat, instrumentals
Cruising with this Eat Eat in the rental
4-5 clip filled with cow nipples
He gave me his CD, I threw it out the window
Bitch we do walk ups, fuck shooting out the window
Run up on me wrong pop you like a pimple
I'm tryna get up in her jaws like a dimple
Aye bitch I hang with robbers everyday
We robbed the plug now he calling everyday
We ain't finna play, run off with yo yay
She in that lingerie drunk off Alize