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Lymerence - Night Music

I can't tell if you're in love or you're just passing time
I can't go a minute without giving you a sign
Is this what we do?
We push through, again
As I stare into your brown eyes and focus, babe,
You know I see the pain

Everybody else says you're a danger
That you're no different to a stranger on the streets
But as you're sitting close right next to me
Babe I feel safer than I've ever been
But I knew it was too good to be true
I don't think that I deserve a girl like you
I guess I'll just keep on ignoring you
To see if you really feel the same way I do

How about a little love from you in your own words?
Visions of the future, visions of a perfect world
And if they come true
I'll love you, I swear
Forevermore as you stare back to me and breathe the empty winter air

"Treat her mean, keep her keen";
That's what everybody told me
Babydoll, you're looking rather tipsy
Is this the path you really want to leave?
If you can't beat them, baby, join them
Waste away your time, there's too much to spend
Sittin' in the sunlight thinkin' the world can make amends
'Cause ruining your life is the best way to make new friends

I was terrified of stepping into the unknown
Giggles down the phone
And I felt like crying
'Cause I'd die, babe
To see between your fingers all the fear that made me want to join the game

It hit me like a dagger through the heart
As we staggered through the park
We guided each other through the vicious dark
I didn't realise that love had come so far
So baby, why not tell me that you love me?
One of these nights, you'll sing for me
Love is just two people being clingy
We'll be back to how we were, baby, you'll see

Have you ever heard of heaven?
I was just so sure our love would never end
Insignificance was bound to take my life
You'll be the only star in my sky tonight