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Math And Physics Club - Everybody Loves a Showtune

First run closes on a sunday
New town, curtain on a thursday
I'm still waiting for my chance
The director says no but I think I'm ready

God knows the story is a bore
Don't you think you've heard this song before
One two three four, everybody sing along
Big smiles, everybody loves a showtune

Oh leading man, once a star of screen and stage
Now an alcoholic hollywood cliche
I admit I may have had it in for him
But I swear I didn't think when I hadn't him the drink

He'd end up passed out an lying on the floor
The understudy had quit the day before
I knew my chance had come at last
The curtain went up, the chorus was singing

I hit my marks and danced across the floor
Tonight I'll be the one that they adore
Oh just keep smiling, keep laughing
Everybody loves a showtune
Everybody loves a showtune
That's when the man in the fedora
Grabs my arm and pulls me to the floor
I'm shouting, get off of me
The curtain goes down, the chorus still singing

I'm crawling madly for the door
The audience starts calling for an encore
I stood and turned and took a bow
And smiled for the crowd
Everybody loves a showtune
Everybody loves a showtune