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Mel Tormé - County Fair

[Spoken Intro]
There are a couple of songs that we've been requested to do on the album, ladies and gentlemen, that I'm guilty of writing

[Verse 1]
The rooster's gonna crow any minute
But I've been awake ahead of him
I've been down in the corn field tending to the corn
Finished all my chores long before the morning came
I gotta get an early start this morning
Gotta pick old Farmer Morgan up at 5
The whole darn town has been waiting for this day with baited breath
It's been so long at comin' 'round, we worried half to death

But the day at last is here
Give a cheer
Ho-dee-I, ho-dee-ay
What a great, big wonderful day
Not a care in the air
Everybody you know from Matilda to Joe will be there
At the County Fair
Ho-dee-ay, ho-dee-I
What a great, big beautiful sky
All the clouds, like the crowds
You can bet will be dressed in their brightest and best
For they're staying at the fair today
The teenage misters will be shoo'ing little sisters
To the Ferris Wheel up above
Then they'll be getting their best gals for petting
In the tunnel of love
Ho-dee-ay, ho-dee-I
Come and throw your troubles away
Just a grin gets you in
On this day of the year when there's nothing but cheer to share
At the County Fair

See the Ferris Wheel going 'round and 'round
First you touch the sky and then you're on the ground
See the carousel, now the race begins
Horses, camels, kangaroos
But no one ever wins

Have you tasted Mrs. Perkins pickles or her marvelous mince meat pie?
They're as easy on your stomach as her daughter is on your eye
All the judges are anticipatin', they've been waiting for the time when they
Could taste Mrs. Johnson's strawberry pie
Mrs. Granger's cake, but my oh my
It's only a mere formality, they say
'Cause it's ten to one Mrs. Perkins'll win today
Ho-dee-I, ho-dee-ay
Oh, that lovable, laughable, affable Mrs. Perkins'll win today
There's a lot of cows and a lot of horses and a lot of hogs at the fair
Yes, we've got our champions to spare
But will you take a look over there at the boy and the lamb
With the black curly hair

You're gonna be the best little sheep
The best little sheep, the best little sheep at the fair
It's plain to see that you'll be the winner
You'll be the winner, oh, how the folks'll stare
You haven't got a coat of white, you're black as night
But that's alright, you put the rest to shame
And if you're not up to the pace, and lose a race
No disgrace, I'll love you just the same
If it's up to me, I'll see that you get
See that you get, see that you get the prize
'Cause the judges are wise and the crowd, they've got eyes
It'll be no surprise, they'll do what they've gotta do
They'll pin a big blue ribbon on you

No use denyin' that you feel your heart go flyin'
'Cause it's perfectly okay
We gets a goin'
Just because we're knowin' that the train stops here today
Ho-dee-I, ho-dee-ay
Come and throw your troubles away
Just a grin gets you in
Ah, this ginger, peachy Cracker Jack
Could hardly wait 'til it came back
So welcome, welcome, welcome to the County Fair
County Fair