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Mel Tormé - Nina

When I arrive in any town
I look the ladies up and down
And when I've picked my fav'rite flame
This is my patter, no matter her name

Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina
Fascinating Nina
What a lovely child
Nina, you enchant me
Nina, you're so sweet
I mean yuh fairly drive me wild

Nina, till the moment you hit my heart
Nina, I was doin' just fine
But since I've seen yuh
Nina, Nina, Nina
I'll be having neurasthenia
Till I make yuh mine!

Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina
You're the bright gardenia
Of the Spanish Main
Nina, Nina, Nina, Nina
Don't be so enticing
Or I'll go insane
Nina, till alas I gazed in your eyes
Nina, I was mentally fine
But since I've seen yah
Nina, Nina, Nina
I'll be havin' schizophrenia
Till I make yah
TillI make yah
Till I make yah mine