Mike Bauer - Bonita

Verse 1:
I saw her walk in right away like every other man in the place. 5'5 without her shoes and she had no clue.
She was the envy of the room, if looks could kill I'd be through, she was confidently eloquent conversing with intelligence she stopped.
Then she started.

Dancing like she owns the place, a sexy look on her face, the eyes of every man on her tonight, oh.
Bonita mamacita won't you come and be my baby tonight, I want you to be mine, I want you to be mine.

Verse 2:
She's such a lady she's so polite, even when she's turning down guys left and right, and I just sat beside my friend and marveled at her elegance and style.
And she does not know, she's the light in the darkest room. No one can quite compare to her there's nothing quite as rare as her I swear, and she keeps on.


She does not know that her glow illuminates a part of my soul.
And when she moves all the room pays attention to the grove that she'll use.
Sophisticated walk under intoxicating talk and her smile, even if it takes a while, I want her to be mine.



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