Mike Bauer - Let's Talk

You call me on the phone cause you think that I need it but I'm not allowed to talk about these deep seeded feelings and you never want to hear how much I am addicted to you.
I see you in my dreams and I know that you feel it, speaking whispers in the night so your man doesn't hear it, we can dance around this truth till the sun reveals that I am alone.
While you lay still with the man that you found I'll be here hoping just waiting around and I'll replay the words you say and the reasons you walked away, how perfectly that your life has been since I've been gone.

I want to be your everything the man you need me to be please reach out for my hand let's talk.
Instead of silently fading to hopeless tragedy please hold on tight to me let's talk.

Verse 2:
And I'd do anything just to hold you for a minute, put a ring around your hand grab your waist then I'd spin it, we can dance out of the past and just fall into a future that's new.
Forget about the man you found I'm begging you please and come back to my arms I swear that I won't leave.
I'll be the man that you deserve the one that keeps your life preserved baby I still care about the love since you've been gone.



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