Mikey Bo - On My Own

Mikey Bo (feat CBC) - On My Own (Mikey Bo Production)

So Far, I Traveled So Long
I Been So Strong
On My Own
Trials And Tribulations
Gotta Keep Pacing On My Own
But Life Aint Been No Easy Road
But I Gotta Keep Moving On
On My Own, On My Own
So Now I Know Some Day
We Will Say, We Made It, We Made It, We Made, It
(Verse 1)
Where do I begin
I wanna thank the Lord for blessing me with my friends
they with me till the end
but some of them are fake
it's that time in my life I gotta weave out all the snakes

I seen so many people come and many people go
I think about it all the time but they will never know
and will I ever blow thats what they ask me
they used to be my friends man what the f*** happen
now I'm doing rappin and they all laughing
they just mad I got that swag and their game is lagging
I mean they lacking what I call desire
they know I'm burning up man they know I'm on fire

And people wonder why I live this way
I aint living for tomorrow I'm just living for today
what can I say and make em understand
I swear I got a vision and I swear I got a plan

(Verse 2)

well its a struggle everyday
cuz the world is a maze
I'm just trying to find my place all you haters hate away
what you know about contracts many different contacts
sacrifice all of that but I'll never fall back

And why's it feel like every body's trying hold me down
I keep my real friends close to me now
they show me how to persevere anything
I dont really care anymore God let it rain
and if them people wanna leave then let em leave
I don't need em in my life I'll be alright please believe
and anything I want best belive I will achieve
Mikey Bo will succeed in today's industry

start a new family tree
and guess who's in it
all my people in the business we gonna grind till the finish
we gonna get get it never quit it
till we all straight balling
till we on top and got the whole world calling

(Verse 3)

on my own I'm trying to make it home
back to the top man the king of the throne
never will they clone
not another Mikey and that's simply cuz ain't nobody like me......

but listen up hater i won't forget who the fakes are later
i wont forget who's the instigator
but you wont be around when i get my paper

imma tell ya I'm as simple as it gets
but if people cross that line then I will be getting pissed
then I will have to dismiss
taking no action seeing you mad that's my satisfaction

listen up when I speak cuz I'm the realness
matterafact imma tell you what the deal is
what you know about birds of a feather
we all got a dream so you know we fly together


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