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Mozzy - Extra (Ft. JuneOnnaBeat & Lil Blood)

[Intro: Lil Blood]
Nigga if you stop worrying about me
And what the fuck I'm doing all day nigga
And put your mind on your paper nigga
Put that same energy you put in hating on me on your money nigga I bet you'd be a rich man
And that goes for your bitches too nigga
Mind y'all business I'm paying extra for the headshots

[Hook: Lil Blood]
Funk turned up so niggas applying pressure
[?] Riding around in my section
My lil niggas go [?] follow directions
Hit him in his head I'll give you a little extra
Hit him in his head I'll give you a little extra
Bounce out noodle his ass for disrespecting
Bounce out noodle his ass for disrespecting
Any niggas hit I'll give you a little extra

[Verse 1: Mozzy]
Yeah… clean up on aisle 4, that's a noodle spilling
I pray to god I never become a shooting victim
Opiates in my system, I'm a heavy sipper
She selling coochi lips for me and I ain't ever kissed her
Check the weather, it's gets chilly in my residential
Bust 110, bad play, shits simple
Where the drugs? Nobody on it as hard as me
I keep poring till the Sprite turn dark as me
When you get caught up in the funk it be hard to leave
Kaita Shells part of the streets, shit it's hard to sleep
All these zany depressant ain't even helping
I swear I've been living life careless [?]

[Verse 2: June]
Get your bitch ass stripped just for flexin
Smack your Bru just to send a message
It's funky, getting hectic
Next body on me and I'mma catch him, POP POP POP POP, your whole section, dear god you better bless him
My niggas on some greezy shit
Your niggas on some peezy shit
I'm really on some underworld snuff stackin leezy shit
Hit him in his cheek and shit
Double back squeezing shit
Funk turned up, black hoodies grim reaping shit
They really ain't hard we just aim to kill
These niggas think they hard like they made of steel
The only thing you poppin is a syrup seal
All headshot is how I feel


[Verse 3: Lil Blood]
Bonce out noodle a nigga, I let that thing go
Twist a nigga [?] chopa, just like a fango
It was all up when you see me just like a day ago
Now you telling bitches what you gone do when you see me nigga
Every time you see me best believe me I got yiki on me
I can drink at brink of day and still I won't get sleepy nigga
Shooters with that 30, Stephen Curry when I'm sleeping nigga
Put the word out, double for the head shot, double for the head shot
Make this nigga bed rock
Face stick a body up a [?] till his head pop
Ha, nigga I stay on bullshit
Twin Glock 40s, and they stay on full clip