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Neko (EN) - Takeover (Ft. Shy Guy)

[Verse 1: NEKO]

Pull up
I ain't even need to tell you shit
Doin myself
And I'm not taking offence
Comin so damn hard
You gon need some strong deffence
Tryna fuck wit me and
I throw you over my fence

Who's this?
I ain't got no plans but punch you in the face
Got you twisted mad
When it takes a lot to get upset
Why the fuck you ask for?
I will never give you this
Why you're calling my phone?
For you I ain't got no services

Yeah, Pussy nigga
Hey man, Shyguy, what you gotta tell 'em, man?
They say what?

[Verse 2: Shyguy]
They say I smoke too much
But it's none of their business
I smoke weed and I like it
Hits after hits 'till I'm breathless

From up there in my nest
I smoke ounces after ounces
Wanna put me to the test?
Bitch, we can have a smokefest

The minute I come in some losers already hating me
Event thought they have no clue who I be
They trynna act though, but I know they're some wannabe
I know they're weak and helpless and I bet I know their weakness


Pissin on the next
Fucka we the best
I guess, (you're) coming in the nest
You ain't got nothing left, bitch


Suckas eat our leftovers

See them crawl like dirty roaches


Why do they always try to waste my time to show some pride?


Why do they always try to fuck around? that turns me mad
Why they keep tellin lies?
Bitch, you ain't no surprise

Yeah, Aloeboys (who)
Yeah, still, fuck 'em
We come up, everything they say is dumb (Heyy)
Pass the blunt

[Hook: NEKO]

Comin up
What? (Heyy)
All you say is fucking dumb
Niggas in the buildin'
Burning fashion
Smoke a million blunts