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New Model Army - Passing Through

I was in a hurry, I hit the road young
I wasn't going anywhere, I just had to run
I said I am certain in what I know
I thought the branches waving made the wind blow

I built a castle from stones that I found along the way from the walls my colours flew
I screamed out what I've made is mine, but it wasn't really true
I'm passing through
I'm only passing through

We're in a quiet nighttime cafe on the roads heading east
We are a rich man, poor man, beggar-man, thief
Over in the corner the machines play themselves
Outside is empty all fogbound roads

The woman serving coffee has a tired-out smile and a kid back at home
And all these decisions we make along the way, we just fall into
We're passing through
We're passing through

By moonlit pools we fashioned ourselves from pieces of bone
We climbed high in the mountains and carved our names deep in the stone
It will all be gone, weathered away
Back to where we came from

There's nothing to lose, nothing to lose
There's nothing to lose, no, nothing to lose
Look up to the sky (nothing to lose)
Look up to the heavens (nothing to lose)
It's easy to imagine (nothing to lose)
That that's where we're heading (nothing to lose)

I was in a hurry, I hit the road young
I wasn't going anywhere, I just had to run

And I grasped it all like a child for something to hold onto
Like once I believed that the waves moved the water, now I know it isn't true
They're passing through
They're passing through

With nothing to lose, nothing to lose

And so what happened made a mockery of everything you thought you knew
The children that were part of you, they were only passing through
Winds will change direction, grace and light will once again fall on you
It will be over soon
It will be over soon