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O-Town Spitters - My All (Ft. Marka)

[Produced by Jump Down on the Beat]

[Hook: Marka]
So if my heart gave up
And my veins won’t pump
Cause my lungs caved in
You know I gave it my all
(I gave it all of my all)
My all
And if my calluses are bleeding
And there’s blisters on my feet it’s
Cause I put my soul in all I do
And they can’t take it
Because I gave it
All of my all

[Verse One: P-Stunna]
Look I'mma go first
And excuse me if I curse
But when I start, I gotta finsh
Like I'm cumming last in a bitch
Yes I never quit
I'm ill shit
Like a bare tit
You know that album, X, givin it my all
Hotter than summer, colder than winter, I would never fall
I'm with my nigga at PSA
We the best, fuck Khaled, that's what I say
I'm the shit, I always win
I work over time, like a sixth quin
(repeat hook)

[Verse Two: Tha Clip]
My heart has been put in like my essence
Yes, it is necessary since
I am not the best
But I put in soul
My spirit goes in like money in the vault I stole
My creativity sadly isn't really detected
But I am respected
Me making music is like making money because it's expected
I feel PSM
And I bleed Aerows
I'm all about this music because I am a pharaoh
My lines are sharp and narrow
I mean my raps kill
No one really knows me or my music but still
I'm not giving in
My music door don't shut
When my lungs give in, I'll still never give up

(repeat hook)