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Off The Jump - Flourishing (Ft. Atwood, Chris Wright, Headhaunter, RYCE & Tocci)

[Verse 1: Atwood]
Feelin' like it's Hasbro because you been toyin' with me
I'm tryna make that ass float, whatchu know about buoyancy
It's that boy and he boiling, still gon ask like, "what more ya need?"
I got ornaments on me shining silly that shit annoying me
Make sure the future is bright, we call that flourishing
Told her I'm healthy for her, it's time for nourishing
Got that green too, mother nature is so nurturing
Take a wiff "ooh", getting strong armed we call that Hercules
I'm certainly wordy heard he leave the beats lookin burgundy
Leave you with the flow like you sleeping at a fraternity
I'm lethal with the flow I swear that all I do is murder beats
Snap like Q when I rap... like... yerndamean (yerndamean)
Golly gee I know ya prolly never heard of me
In ya girlies sheets, when you come thru I do that serpentine
Hot like mercury, flow like mercury, give you that third degree
I'm pretty sure I just turned you into a fan of me

[Verse 2: Headhaunter]
I'm taking shots of poison, chase it with the antidote
Test how long the void is, uncover brand new animals
Plant and grow a tesla coil along with red anemones
Watered with some methylamine, seeds that will, each need
Three liters easy, fly traps are in bloom
Grew into a hive mind, inaudible signals
I can take the piss too, a world renowned scumbag
Toting sleeks pistols that shoot out these dumb flags/
Some can't hang-hang, I'm gliding over all
Repealing wack standards, implement new protocols
Rocking wolf grey nikes, and kick down a kaiju
I'll backhand your face bright and end up behind you
I just want the stage lights, maybe a buck or two
Cups all full with liquid gold, want something cruel
Want the women, want jars of lightning, want thunderbolts
I just want to make good music with some darker undertones
[Verse 3: Chris Wright]
I'm a underground secret because I speak easy
I just wanna couple hundred bands and some free Yeezys
Don't get it twisted like a bread tie, I seem greedy
20 hits, ain't a scratch on me, that's a clean CD
I'm trynna rake it in, date a girl and bang her friend
Diamond studded bracelet blending nicely with my favorite sins
Picking from a line of a couple sets of banging twins
One at a time like they models with the latest trends
She call me nasty, I'm really the worst houseguest
Crashing at your place, brought a bitch and left the couch wet
Stretching to my limit, but really I can't be bout less
Trynna get this money and stay fly like southwest
Rarely political, I’m just staying DC'ed
Give every rapper the short straw when I precede
Think I left my lights on, hit you with them High Beams
Lately I been flourishing, baby that's just how life seems

[Bridge: Tocci]
Fighting with the squad that's a TKO
I said T-O double C Mr. CEO
Flourish on the beat, weaks what we don't know
Weed just rolls so the weeks just roll
We got amigos Bro
T-O double C Mr. CEO
I said fighting with the squad that's a TKO
[Outro: RYCE]
(Flourishing, flourishing)
When it all falls down you'll remember me
Can't you see the light
When it all falls down we'll be flourishing
We'll be legends
When it all falls down you'll remember me
Can't you see the light
When it all falls down we'll be flourishing
We'll be legends