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Paris Jones - Okay (Ft. Angel Haze)

[Intro: Active Child]
Calling your name
Because I'm call-
Because I'm calling your name

[Hook: Paris Jones]
In a nigga, it's L.A. listen'
V.A. living
The money ain't the option but I know
I'm gon' get it
Okay X7

[Verse 1: Paris Jones]
Spaced out, spaced in
Tuned out, tuned in
I'm everywhere, I'm nowhere
I'm right now, I'm back then
Tell me nigga what you askin'
La City what I'm refreeing
Though I have a hard time reppin' them
Cuz I don't sound like the rest of them
I'm draped up and I'm dripped out
No I'm draped down and I'm dripped in
I'm backwards, I'm left field
I play to lose who I always win
Nigga juice and gin, juice and gin
Grew up listening to Juice & Gin
Screwed up listen to that Juice & Gin
But I don't like to brag about where I've been
Been, but only one gonna go though
Heard the motto was Y.O.L.O
Can't see that
Live so many lives can't believe in that so
Hakuna matato
Tomato Tamato
However you say it
I'ma live by what Simba was raised with
He's a king and I'ma king
If you not me you's a lying king
And I'm next to heir
Digress the air
The Jetson's air in a fresh new pair
Sky is the limit
As long as I'm in it
I'ma keep on gettin' it
Tell my people we livin'
Okay X8
We ain't steppin'
La City reppin'
As soon as I get it
I'm breaking bread with my brethren
[Hook: Paris Jones]
L.A. listen'
V.A. living
The money ain't the option but I know
I'm gon' get it
Okay X7

[Pre-Verse: Paris Jones]
You already know
This that, Miami beach
Tony Montana, Chi-Chi swag
You know?
Feel it


[Verse 2: Angel Haze]
Uh, I'm Frito Lays, I'm stacked up
Take no shhh- I'm backed up
If ain't no room up at the top
Then my whole team is racked up
I'm what the game been missing
Labels wanna sign me like petition
Remember growing up I was too different
Too absent and too distant
Now I'm toast of the toast of the toastes
I'm heavy unbag my dosage
Too in and I'm too out
'Bout to blow like too explosive
And I mean the things I say
But don't quite say the thing I mean
And this music is just a canvas
I be painting things I'm seeing
I just paint out all my dreams
And just make the perfect scenes
And then I take my verbal seeds
And I just plant the perfect tree
Guess my tongue is a tree of life
And my brain is Adam and Eve
Instead of the thing I eat
I'm watching the things I speak
And if everything I say should eventually come to pass
I'm hoping something at last
Hoping something at last like
Okay X8
[Outro: Active Child]
You know we can't get away
Because I'm calling your name
Every day I feel this pain
But you just turn and walk away