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Paris Jones - Summer (Ft. April Kelly & B.A Scott)

Right under my feet there's air made of bricks
Pulls me down, turns me weak for you
I found myself
Beaten like a broken shoe
And I'm forever excusing your intentions
And I given to my pretendings
Which forgive you each time
Without me knowing

They melt my heart
To stone (x3)
They melt my heart
To stone (x 3)
They melt my heart
To stone (x3)
They melt my heart
To stone (x3)
(Melt my heart to...)

[Verse 1: Paris Jones]
Ohh summer I know you been waiting, but our love seems to be fading
I can't fade it
And I'm not go lie
I told myself when I told you this that I won't go cry
So I'm not go cry
Won't let a tear fall down
But as soon as yours fell
Damn its on now
When its all fall down
Like them London Bridges
You might wanna listen before you dry those dishes
Ohh summer I know I've been patient
But how long you go keep a nigga waiting
Cause I've been waiting so long
And between all the video games, playing, and roller skating
You know what I've been saying, anywho
Why you asking who? You think that I'm a cheater?
Then what are you?
You forgot what started this whole rendezvous
Cause I had a thang for a cold thang
If you with a hot thang, and you made me choose
You know what I'm saying?

[Verse 2:]
And a nigga had two lovers
But now its just us two lovers
Thought I knew lovers, screw
Screw lovers
From the past you know how I do lover her
But I could really do without the attitude, lover, Ohh lover
But she thinks that I'm running games
And quite frankly it just ain't the same
If I could do this thang again, like a replay
I just wanna connect, forget the replay
Oh summer you know I've been waiting
For so long I've been patient
Hey there lady
I ain't the type to reference fairytales
But I can barely tell if this happily gonna end
Happily ever after
Just a figment of imagine- Nation of a chapter
Taking pills the morning after
Drinking and smoking
You getting high it's hard to live to pressure
Damn you like it when i'm more attractive