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Paris Jones - Winter (Ft. April Kelly)

[HOOK: April Kelly]
All winter we got carried
Away over on the rooftops lets get married
All summer we just hurried
So come over just be patient and don't worry (x5)

[Verse 1: Paris Jones]
And a nigga got two lovers and I ain't ashamed
I'm in love with both Summer and Winter the same
Got a nigga thinking about giving one of 'em my name
Maybe one of 'em a ring
Maybe one of 'em a chain, shoot
I don't know I'm just caught up in the game
It's not Nintendo but I play them both the same
So every time we play I call that Wii play
And when I touch down she hoping for a replay
From Paris to Jones-aye that's what she say
When we hit up France nigga bonjour good day
Up in a nigga neighborhood
And I'm kind of feeling like Mr. Rogers would
So welcome to Mr. Rogers hood
It's located on a set in North Hollywood
Where me and summer staying both living good
For the time but Winter on my mind
How I'm gon' tell her

[Verse 2: Paris Jones]
And I still got two lovers and I ain't ashamed
I'm a nympho when it comes to a dame
I mean she just like me she in love with the game
She even had a couple kids 'for I came
And Winter the same
But Winter she the one I adore more
And when it comes down she got more points on a scoreboard
And things I could live for
I think I could give more to her in the future
When Paris is unsure
When I'm coming home? I'm on the road with Summer
She won't leave me alone cause she don't want another
She my Wonder Woman I'm her Undercover Brother
And we super not your ordinary lovers
But it ain't right cheating on Winter
In a fast lane with Summer in December
Cause we was always happy as far as I remember
So you know I'm sorry for being caught up in her

[HOOK: April Kelly & Paris Jones]