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Pearl and the Beard - Hot Volcano

Take me down
To the old volcano
Tie me up, scoop me out a hollow
Oh, you're bad, you're bad

Hold me down make the ropes dig deeper
Yellin' Alleloo-loo-loo-ya, Ya got me laughin' at the Reaper
Ooh you're bad, oh you're bad
And I like bad

Oh you're coarse
But like water my body needs more
Knew no evil like you here before
Going around one more time
And never no never you stop

Oh wake me up cause I've been sleeping
I took one good look at you and I swear I must be dreaming
Oh you're bad, oh you're bad, and I like bad

Take me down to the old volcano
Deep, deep, down and suck out my marrow
Oh you're bad, you're bad
Oh, oh, oh
And I like bad
I like bad, bad, bad
Take me down to the old volcano
Deep down, oh you're my marrow
Oh you're bad (x6)
My little hot volcano