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Prezidential Candidates - #3 (Allen Iverson Tribute)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Let the L burn slow as the night approaches
I'm stubborn man, like A.I., with all his coaches
His jersey number, was number three
But to me, A.I. was the best on the fuckin' team
Had his run with the Nuggets, and Pistons, and the Grizzes
But never did he do better than he did with the 7-6ers
His rap career was brief, as brief as forty bars
I rap forty bars every morning in my car
The Napoleon of ballin', he was no Jordan
Now he plays in Turkey, and his currensy is foreign
I wish the best for him, his jump shot was soarin'
Now he's overseas and no offense but that shit's borin'
A.E. is Albert Einstein, the smartest man
But why the fuck wasn't A.I. in NBA Jam?
If the NBA can do what the NFL did
2012 is gon' be some interesting shit
I can't show no love to the L.A. Lakers
They fakin', Phil Jackson's on a permanent vacation
Jack Nicholson can shut the fuck up
Old ass muthafucka gets no love from a slut
Spike Lee rootin' for the New York Knicks?
Now that's the shit that makes me laugh like "Everybody Hates Chris"
Chris Bosh, after they lost, go cry some more
Oh my gosh, I think I just seen a dinosaur
Ugly ass mothafucka, they were talkin' so much shit
But game six, they knew it was over, and just quit
Mike Bibby is shitty, James Jones just moans
When Jerry Stackhouse, goes and sticks his ass out
Lebron James is lame, he let Delonte West fuck his mom
Now Mrs. James, cannot walk straight
And Haslem is a has-been
Even Dwayne Wade don choked, like what the fuck happened?
There ain't no team chemistry
And I think soon Erik Spoelstra's gonna be come the enemy
Unless you wearing green, you ain't a friend a me
Boston, Celtics, Banner eighteen
Yeah it's history