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Prezidential Candidates - Angels (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
I am hip-hop's worst nightmare, eighteen years wit white hair
Matches my white skin, complexion more than fair
Fuck it if you don't like it, my flow explodes like dynamite
And my hand is on fire, and spreading to every mic
I'm more like a magician, rapping is my practician
So I'm giving prescriptions, then mine is to take a listen
To DPalm, he coming up, me and him, is runner-ups
Purple liquid in my cup, my dick in your girl's guts
I only fucks wit sluts, rubbers are a must
So shake off that fucking rust and gimme, gimme a nut (Ha)
I knew from over there your girl was hot
So I quickly approached her, and stole her, like it or not
I'm fresh out the frying pot, and may be higher than most
But I got money to the ceiling, and I'm tryna boast
Watch cost a buck fifty, fuck being thrifty
My new career choice is that I wanna work for Diddy

[Bridge: Diddy]
And love was nothin' but another gun for you ('nother gun for you)
And I would hide it in my helpless soul
I'm not afraid to go down the road, where we go
I don't know, you can hear 'em callin', don't you?
When the angels call like
[Hook: Diddy] & (Dawn)
If you don't wanna stay you can go
It seems love don't live here no more
The angels are flyin' so low, singin' to you
(Don't you hear me callin' you?)
He's the one you love ('Cuz I hear 'em callin' me)
And he's the one you trust (Like our time is almost through)
Time is runnin' out (There's nothin' left to do)
When they're callin you
When the angels call like (I answer)

Falling, for you
I will tell the angels, "no"
Let 'em turn back into stone
I do (I do), love you (love you)
It's true (It's true)
Fire, climbing
We ignore the angels' call
They were warnings after all
It's cool, if I'm
With you
When the angels call like

[Outro: Diddy]
When the angels call like [repeat until fade]