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Prezidential Candidates - At Night

[Verse 1: Prez]
Ayo stop the talkin', stand still if you walkin'
If you got money in your pockets you are now sittin' target
Get your shit robbed, at night in the city
I ain't walkin' 'round alone 'cuz my life mean somethin' to me
Fuck a dark alley, y'all motherfuckers are nut jobs
Walkin' through empty parkin' lots can get your butts robbed (Haha)
I ain't playin', I done seen a dude get rocked up
Slapped on his ass, shoes swiped, they pulled his socks up
Paranoia on a thousand when I'm high up in the clouds
When someone fuckin' wit me, tryna pull me back down
Like an officer of the law, talkin' out the side of his jaw
Sayin' my eyes look mad red, that's probably 'cuz they are
Askin' me where I live, and why I'm in the city
I say, "'Cuz it's the best place to burn and bring a bitch wit me"
The pros and cons of the city are pretty equal
Find me in the city at night, I'll be burnin' reefer

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi] COMING SOON