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Prezidential Candidates - Bait (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Y'all dudes is pollo, KFC
I bounce like pogo, when you hate on me
My credibility allow me to see
The hottest bitches in the game, Victoria's seek
Peep through the peephole, see me wit my people
And you wish, you could be bait for a seagull
My life like a sequel to "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas"
So many fuckin' drugs taken
I'm the film director, this thing I'm next to
Gets to shakin' so I put the picture on the projector
That ass gets a reaction
If that pussy was the roaring sea, I'd be the ship's captain
So put out the fishing line, watch me reel 'em in
Nothing less than nines, while you stress a bitch
I be feelin' fine, smokin' all day long
Call it killin' time
Prez, Nasty, and P. Laff, that's Boston swag
All the rest suck dick, they cough and gag
Who the hell gon stop us?
Just visited Whitey Bulger and he's tryna mob us
I'mma start callin' y'all miscarriage rappers
Y'all was D.O.A., rap career ain't happenin'
Ha, y'all had a pulse briefly
Head of the state, P-R-shit's-too-E-Z
[Verse 2: Nasty Boi]
I heard them other people smokin' weed like Bob Marley
I also heard you can't afford to put down a blunt, and smoke it like the end of a Harley
It's so typical to hear the spiritual when your miserable, it's so visual
But I turn to that medical, it makes my physical feel mythical
Clearly good enough to spit on the beat
Like the bitch on "Flava of Love" to New York's heat
Isn't it a little too late for that?
Like a fifteen year-old girl six months into that?
What you expect when you don't use a condom?
Nothin' but a baby comin' out of the bottom
The world's becomin' a fucked up place
Better say your wishes and prayers at grace
Gettin' high before dinner, eat the pussy, drink the liquor
My body's leavin' Earth, just quicker than a sinner
Everybody's gonna wanna get a piece of marijuana
That'll hit you harder than heat in a sauna
Pack and pass the blunts, become blastin'
The blastin' becomes taxin' on my rappin'
What the fuck? (What the fuck?)
I ain't hear any of y'all clappin'

[Verse 3: P. Laff]
This beat is flawless, just like my main bitch
I don't give a fuck, cuz I'm gettin' rich
On the track with Prezidents, like I run with John McCain
Way above the competition, like I'm standin' on a crane
Killin' this beat, like my name is Charles Manson
Bass hittin' so low, even the Devil dancin'
Started off rappin' as a muthafuckin' hobby
Now I'm gettin' it in with bad bitches in hotel parties
I know that I'm a star, no need to mention it
Got me blowin' green leaves, no peppermint
I'm wit the Prezidents, call me ambassador
Chauffer rides everywhere, I'm the passenger
Got some Boston boys, on this fuckin' track
Who throw down harder than a fuckin' Shaq Attack
DPalm called me up and said it's time to make a hit
Now I'm wit the Prez poppin' bottles like you pop a zit
I'm the hottest new rapper on the marquee
Walkin' all over these little bitches like a carpet
I'm Patty Laff, I always get respect
With the Prezidential Candidates, we stand above the rest