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Prezidential Candidates - Cloud 10

[Verse 1: Prez]
Yeah bitch, Prez up in this shit
Can't be white, I must be Puerto Rican or Spanish
Naw trick, I'm the blazin' Caucasian
And if you don't believe me check my Facebook pages
Me and Nasty Boi 'bout to pillage all these villages
'Bout to flip the script of rap's images, we killin' it
Can't believe that I rap this way
And my lyrical game is so crazy
On a beat that Camp Lo made famous
I'm young and wreckless for my age kid
Fuck you to the stereotypical racists
Shout out to High Street, South Shore, and Weymouth
To all my haters, gotta say you the strangest
And you probably got a sign in your yard like you a rapist
Put my dick in your mouth, so you can taste it
On Thursdays you can always find me wasted
With a bottle of Jack, and a big green bag
That I bought from my homeboy, Fat Sacks Pat
Ha, let me catch my breath for a minute
And I ain't stressed 'cuz I been smokin' on that good spinach
And if I got the money hell yeah, I'ma spend it
Your girl's honey, I don dipped my stinger all up in it
Jacuzzi lovin' with some hot broads
Girls put they buns on my dick, like hot dogs, uh