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Prezidential Candidates - Dr. Knockboot (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Uh, uh, listen
Ya'll some underweight, lightweight, tryna find a first date
Fuck 'em 'til it hurts, wait, you're alone, masturbate
Bed rockin', earthquake, I'm the captain, first mate
Wanna grow up big and strong? Quickly clean your dinner plate
Make your mother proud, I'm smokin' blunts creatin' thunder clouds
You are doing nothing now, you in Egypt, you in da Nile
I'm makin' bank, raisin' the stakes, mom said you'sa mistake
Don't be mad at me 'cuz your mom gave it up on the fifth date
You was conceived on the sixth date, your dad was pokin' her face
And he shot, drizzled your mother wit that Crest toothpaste
Just remember that we live in no country for old men
I'll ginger slap these ginger-headed bitches, Lindsay Lohan
Gettin' paid for a show now, these gigs gettin' global
Flyin' over oceans just to fuck girls over your house
Punch lines gon knock 'em out, your shit weaker than a mouse
I could step to you like the bad wolf and blow down your house
I'm smokin' bombay hay by Boston Harbor now
These bitches datin' me, I work for no one, so they boss me 'round
Filmin' sex scenes, she lookin' like Kim, I'm Ray J
I'm tryna get a nut, tryna bust open this Payday
(hahahaha, that's foolish)

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi] COMING SOON